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Lace trimmings play an important role in fashion designing. They beautify clothes without much effort. They are the "icing on the cake", a finishing product for most outfits, formal or casual. Our selection comprises of:

Guipure trimmings:
They can be used for virtually any type of attire. They are perfect for African wears like Iro and Buba, Boubous, Caftans, Buba and Sokoto with Agbada, to mention a few. Even for items like table clothes, headrestcovers, napkins, bedding,.... They also come in a wide colour range.

These are appropriate for edging Bridal dresses, veils, Blouses, Childrens' clothes, Household furnishing. They are sometimes corded, embroidered or beaded.

Iron-on trimmings:
They are easy to fix on clothes, place them on any spot or area, iron them on and in seconds they become affixed. They come in nice embroidered designs as appliqué or continuous pieces in yards: suitable for all types of clothing.

Beaded Trimmings: Such trimmings are ideal for Formal and Native wear. They make you stand out in the crowd.

Rhinestone trimmings:
They turn a beautiful outfit into a sumptuous one. It is the perfect trimming worth getting to enrich your clothes. They also beautify shoes, bags, and other accessories. Assorted designs and stone shades are available mainly in Swarovski stones. We also have tack-on and iron-on stones in pieces.